Discover South America

Discover South America

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There are many ways to discover the world, choose yours!

In order to offer you an authentic experience to Discover South America, that suits your interests and desires, as well are the ones of your family, your partner and friends, we have designed different type of travels.

In Latin Adventures we believe that traveling is much more than just “going places”, is immersing into the history and culture of the different countries, kneading and tasting their flavors, experience their pristine nature with a touch of adrenaline and adventure.

With this philosophy in mind, we have carefully created well balanced and amazing tours in Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru and Bolivia.

Culture &
History Travels

Created for curious travelers, are the best way to fully discover a country. Cultural and history travels go beyond classical tourism, encompasses the visit of emblematic monuments and museums of course but art, architecture, archeology, popular traditions and the lifestyle of the local people. It is like trying to enter at the country’s heart and learn about it essence. They are ideal for families, for travelers with questions and crave for new discoveries.

Culture & history
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Adventure travels

Explore the most dazzling destinations of Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru and Bolivia. These programs are specially designed for daring spirits that embrace new sensations. We offer you active and interesting programs to discover antique lost civilizations, to explore wild nature or to share with local people. There are travelers looking for strong emotions and extreme activities, and others who want to discover all the secrets of the ancient world.

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Nature travels

With its natural wonders of the world, biodiversity, wildlife and unique landscapes, South America is one of the top nature destinations of the planet! In Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru and Bolivia you will be amaze by the Andean Highlands, Pacific Ocean, the Amazon, The Galapagos Enchanted Islands, majestic Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, the Uyuni Salt flats and much more! It’s the perfect plan for disconnecting from the routine or to discover all the beauty and diversity that the world offers us.

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Gastronomy travels

Taste the flavors of Peru, a popular culinary destination worldwide well-recognized! Our programs combine the taste of native and traditional food with the trendy new fusions and cooking classes if you will like to try. In a gastronomic trip you will not only discover destinations in a different way, but you will also share special moments with locals, getting involved in different activities.

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Family travels

A family trip is an unforgettable experience! We understand the interests of kids, teens and adults. We have designed unique experiences for all ages. While children discover safely the world, their parents will be enjoying a peaceful journey. Our itineraries satisfy the curiosity, energy levels and attention of multiple generations. We have everything for everyone, exactly what you are looking for!

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Luxury travels

Our luxury travels include all the authenticity of the destination without neglecting comfort. During a luxury trip, you will have the opportunity to sleep in a superior hotel, travel in private or first-class vehicles, eat in excellent restaurants and much more. Customize your trips for your complete satisfaction and desires: choose hotels, additional amenities and activities to include. Experience a lifetime journey!

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Customize your trip


If you are not absolutely convinced, we invite you to design your own tour with the help of our experts. Let’s create together exactly what you are looking for. There are as many types of travel as people in the world!

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