Luxury Hotels & Lodges in Ecuador and Galapagos

Luxury Hotels & Lodges in Ecuador and Galapagos

You’ve just landed on the beautiful island of the Galapagos, ready to spend the next few weeks away from your hectic routine. But, but, but……

You check into your hotel and are welcomed by rude staff. You shrug it off and keep going. As soon as you enter your room, the sight of stained sheets and broken furniture starts making you question your choices. A filthy washroom is a final nail in the coffin.

Woah, even reading about such a situation is horrifying. Surely you don’t want your precious vacations to be wasted due to such poor accommodation. We’re here to save you from the hassle. Here are the fifteen best hotel options in Ecuador and Galapagos.

Blu Galapagos Sustainable Lodge

If you’re trying to escape from concrete jungles and want to spend a few weeks at a serene, closer-to-nature location, this place is the one for you. Ocean-facing suites are guaranteed to make your mornings phenomenal. The island’s natural beauty inspires the place’s aesthetic – elegant and simple. Panoramic roofs at the suites ensure you fully utilize the island’s pleasant climate.


The pricing would depend upon how much you reserve your rooms in advance and what season you are going in. But as a rough estimate, the suite would cost $550, Superior $385, and standard $350. PS: the prices exclude taxes and fees etc.

Iguana Crossing Hotel Boutique

You would be more inclined toward this hotel if you’re looking for modern lodging with extra amenities. This hotel would offer you a more dynamic experience. An outdoor pool and an in-house bar are probably the best combos if you’re a party animal, and this inn has both! This surely doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the natural views, since it is also located right on the beach.


The basic rooms cost you $249 per night. Double rooms come at $319 and upwards. And the suites start at $374. The pricing varies slightly depending on whether you get rooms with balconies.

Scalesia Lodge

If you think mainstream hotels are too dull and want to jump into the wild for a REAL adventure, this place will hit the spot. Unlike many other sites on this list, Scalesia Lodge is determined to provide you with a first-hand experience of the setting.

This isn’t a hotel but a tent with a certain degree of amenities. Don’t expect breakfast to be served on an elegant table. Instead, get your hiking shoes on, grab a bicycle (available for free at the lodge), and head out into the woods.

The upside, though, is that you can choose from several programs. The programs also include other activities, such as cruises and island tours – so it’s a good package overall!

Experience Scalesia Lodge charm on our Galapagos hotel-based tour

Golden Bay Galapagos

This hotel claims to have based its style on the concept of “Luxury without Ostentation.” The ambiance of the place does support their claim. While you can experience the luxuriousness through minimalistic and exquisite interiors, the inculcation of local culture is evident through the overall tropical feeling.

Free Wi-Fi, a pool, a state-of-the-art restaurant, and many other amenities are available at the hotel.


Indeed, the hotel is cheaper than its counterparts. The standard double room starts at $174. The jewel of the crown, the Comfort Triple Room, costs $222 per night. This includes complimentary breakfast, which is not available in standard rooms.

Hotel Indigo, IHG Hotel

You might be skeptical about other properties mentioned on this list since none of them is connected to a large chain. This isn’t the case with Hotel Indigo. As a part of the world-famous InterContinetal Hotel Group, Hotel Indigo will not disappoint you.

It is an ocean-facing, excellent lodging with a pool, spa, top-class restaurant, and included breakfast. A 24-hour fitness center is available as well.

A wide array of rooms is available; Suites, standard rooms with multiple beds, standard rooms with ocean views, and top-floor suites. Choose the one which suits you the best!


A premium service always means a premium price. Get ready to drain your pocket if you plan on staying here. The most basic room costs $713 per night. If you intend to be even more extravagant, get the $998 top-floor suite.

Safari Camp Galapagos

Yet another choice for the courageous voyagers! Safari Camp is quite literally located in the middle of a forest. If you happen to be a Jurassic Park fan, this place is sheer heaven for you.

The Safari Camp is located in the middle of the island, unlike others on the list that are ocean-facing lodges.

Despite giving an authentic, open-in-the-wild vibe, this place has all the required luxuries. The ‘Relaxing Stay’ option features various fine dining options and comfortable camps where you can lie down and relax.


Like the Scalesia Lodge, this place offers full tours, including cruises, trips, etc. Pricing varies depending on the number of guests, the package you choose, and the days you spend. However, the prices start from $2820 and go up to $8065.

Experience Safari Camp charm on our Galapagos hotel-based tour

Pikaia Lodge

Luxury and adventure under one roof. Pikaia Lodges don’t expose you to nature like other residencies on this list do. They have Terrace rooms, Balcony rooms, Garden suites, and Pool suites available. Each of these types has its own subtle yet natural aesthetic.

Additionally, high-end facilities such as a high-quality restaurant and an infinity pool are available too. You could relax at a spa after a tiring day as well.

However, the accommodation also includes packages that take you out for adventures in the open. Enjoy being pampered while you explore the beauty of this part of the world.


Rates vary depending on the season you go in. In the busy season, you could book the terrace room at $5115 for three nights. The high-end pool suite costs $6265 in the same season. You could expect lower costs if visiting in the off-season.

Experience Pikaia Lodge charm on our Galapagos hotel-based tour

Finch Bay Galapagos

Yet another prime, tropical vibe lodging for you to comfortably spend your vacation. The spa, bar, and pool are on the amenities list of this hotel as well. The architecture of this lodging is a work of art too. You’ll surely be mesmerized when you see this place’s decor. Another plus point is quick booking, straight from the hotel’s website. So, you don’t have to involve intermediaries.


The standard rooms start at $590 per night. Their Superior counterparts are heavier on the pocket at $866 per night. However, you could avail special discounts and offers by booking in advance.

Experience Finch Bay Hotel charm on our Galapagos hotel-based tour

Mashpi Lodge

Situated on a plateau with mountains all around, the Mashpi lodge has a different aura. Of all the accommodations discussed, this is the only one focused on greenery, forests, and the fauna that resides in the area.

With its own rainforest reserve, it is the ultimate destination for any animal enthusiast. Despite its closeness to nature, it includes all the luxuries which make it a top-notch accommodation.


It is another hotel which will give your pocket a dent. The luxury rooms cost $932 each, whereas the suites go as high as $1147. Even though it looks like an exceptionally hefty amount, the experience justifies the bucks.

Enjoy Mashpi Lodge charm on our Ecuador Luxury Experience

Casa Gangotena

Enough of close-to-nature accommodations. It’s time we talk about a hotel with a different vibe. If you plan on relaxing without having to go on an adventure, then there’s no place better than Casa Gangotena. This Spanish-styled building immediately gives a grand impression.

The activities being offered with a stay here are different too. Visit the historic town of Quito and uncover the city’s hidden secrets with tourist guides.


The hotel is known for its great value for money. Despite offering the finest hospitality, it costs significantly less than some of its counterparts. You could book a basic room for as low as $447 and a twin room for $740. This residence offers special discounts too. So keep a check for them.

Enjoy Casa Gangotena charm on our Ecuador Luxury Experience

Sanctuary Lodge

From the house of Belmond, this lodging is guaranteed to provide you with the highest luxury. What differentiates this hotel from the others is its homely feel. It has been designed and maintained so that you would not feel homesick.


The pricing is on the higher side. Starting at $1518 and climbing up to $3190. But what truly makes it worth it is that all meals are included in this price. So, you could enjoy delicious food from the most skilled chefs in town at this price. They do offer special discounts and offers, so keep checking their website.

Enjoy Santuary Lodge charm on our Ecuador Luxury Experience

Las Tanusas Resort

You don’t regularly get the opportunity to experience the beach, a forest, and the mountains all in one place. Consider yourself lucky because Las Tanusas does offer you that. Not just that, but it also features a world-class spa to eliminate all your exhaustion at the end of an exhausting day. It also includes a complimentary breakfast from their fine restaurants.


The standard suite with an extra-large double bed comes at $301. The highest category, a two-bedroom villa – which can accommodate four persons – costs $757.

Quito Polo Club

Classy probably describes this place the best. A high-end, serene lodging meant for people who are tired of their hectic daily routines and want to spoil themselves by resting all day. Three swimming pools, a magnificent breakfast, and luxuries like coffee machines in every room mean you can live like royals.


This would excite you all. This royal treatment comes at a modest price. The basic room is available at $152, whereas its higher-end counterpart is only $171.

Hacienda La Danesa

An entirely different concept from what you’ve seen in this list thus far. This place isn’t even a hotel. It’s a farm. Yes, you read it right; it’s a farm. You could experience an entirely different countryside lifestyle here. With cottage-styled furnishing, it would take you to a different atmosphere.

Enjoy riding horses and extracting fresh honey and milk at these farms. All of this, coupled with homely accommodation, is simply breathtaking! Don’t forget to take some of these natural products with you on your way back.


All three-room types, i.e., Heritage, Stables, and Garden Cottage, are available at a unified rate of $529 per night.

Now you have details of the 15 best lodging in the region. Choose the right one based on your budget and requirements and get going!

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