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Best Ecuador Tour and Trips

Why traveling to Ecuador?

Best Ecuador Tour Locations: Highlands, The Amazon, Pacific Coast and Galapagos.

Ecuador is an amazing place were four vastly different worlds come as one. In his small territory (256 000 km2) gathers many diverse regions. In Ecuador you can explore de power of nature at the Amazon Jungle, stand at the breathtaking Andes mountains, relax in the warm Pacific Ocean or visit the Enchanted Islands at Galapagos that inspired Charles Darwin to write the evolution theory of species. Ecuador is one of the most mega diverse countries in the world, with more than 25 000 species of plants, more than entire North America, and also is proud of being home to over one-sixth of the world’s bird species. It’s particular location, at the equatorial line, at the middle of the world, let him own unbelievable microclimates and ecosystems. Also concentrates cultural richness, you can find 14 different indigenous groups with 12 different languages, besides Spanish. In Ecuador it’s always Spring! All year round you can enjoy a nice weather “spring-like” with a temperature around 65 ºF. This amazing fact turns to Ecuador into an ideal place to visit any time of the year and enjoy their wonders!

Highlights and “must-sees”

Best Ecuador Tour - best places to visit in Ecuador

Yasuni National Park

Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, home of more than 3500 orchids and 1500 bird’s species. Yasuni National Park (1 022 736 hectares) is a National Park and a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, home of hundreds of different species of flora and fauna.

Cotopaxi National Park

Located at the “Avenue of volcanoes”, Cotopaxi volcano is a symbol of natural geography recognized worldwide, is an almost perfect snow cone that rises to 5,897 meters. Is one of the highest active volcanos in the world that offers breathtaking landscapes.

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Quilotoa Lagoon

Considered one of the most beautiful lagoons of volcanic origin in the world, is a water-filled caldera, located inside at the volcano crater (3.800 m) that amazes its visitants with his emerald colored waters and surrounding indigenous communities.

World’s best chocolate

Ecuador is the world’s first producer of fine aroma cacao bean, the ideal quality of beans to manufacture the best chocolates. You can find cacao plantations and small factories to learn about the whole process from the bean to bar.

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