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Bolivia Tourism – Best Places to Visit

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Bolivia at Glance

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Why traveling to Bolivia?

A country full of ancestral history, diverse wildlife & spectacular landscapes. Explore our Bolivia Tourism Guide

Also known as the “Tibet of America” is a beautiful and geographically diverse country with the major indigenous population of South America. It is surrounded by Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. It’s an ideal destination for nature and cultural lovers.

In Bolivia you will find breathtaking scenery at every turn and all sorts of stunning places to explore like vast deserts, active volcanos, high-altitude lakes and dense jungles.

One of the most famous natural attractions is the Uyuni Salt Flats, “the place where heaven meets Earth” is the world’s largest salt flat at over 10.000 km2, where you will enjoy dreamed landscapes and a unique experience. Lake Titicaca is another wonder, being the one of the most beautiful blue lakes and the world’s highest navigable body of water.

In Bolivia you will encounter with fascinating culture experiences, here the indigenous people still practice their ancient Andean customs, wear traditional dresses and use natural remedies. With over 36 indigenous cultures, each with their own customs and languages, travelers have the chance to delve into a rich culture and learn about a different way of life.

Highlights and “must-sees”
Bolivia Tourism - Places to Visit in Bolivia

Uyuni Salt Flats

Located at the middle of the Andes, Southern Bolivia is the largest salt flat in the world. It is the legacy of a prehistoric lake that dried up and left a desert landscape of nearly 11.000 km2 of sparkling white salt, rock formations and cactus islands.

Bolivia Tourism - Places to Visit in Bolivia

“Isla del sol”

Is a beautiful place full of archaeological marvels. Over 80 ruins can be found sprawled across the rugged 70 km2 island, remnants of the Inca civilization that lived there in the 15th century, 800 indigenous families who live in small villages dispersed throughout the island.

Bolivia Tourism - Places to Visit in Bolivia

Lake Titicaca

It’s the world’s highest navigable body of water at 3812 m. It is the birthplace of the Inca civilization and is surrounded by traditional villages and ancient ruins that are so amazing to explore and one of the best things to do in Bolivia.

Bolivia Tourism - Places to Visit in Bolivia

Ancient Pyramid at Tiwanaku

Tiwanaku or Tiahuanaco is the ruins of an ancient civilization. It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site, with a pyramid, an underground temple, the Gate of the Sun and monoliths. Visit the 2 museums, they’re worth it, and maybe even stop by the ruins of Pumapunku too.

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